"You have to do the camp again!  Here is my testimonial....Greg, I can't say this enough.  You take very good care of these kids in a way that impressed me to my soul by providing great teachers but also giving them & us parents tips on how to wade through the disappointments while still encouraging them.  Thank you again."


Julia Rozines DeVillers reviewed La Kids Acting Camp — 5 star

July 4, 2016 · 

Wow! My kids have attended several Greg James workshops and I’ve always been impressed, but LA Kids Acting Camp in Chicago exceeded our expectations. This was Jack’s first camp experience and he learned so much—and loved it.

The coaches he trained with are some of the best in the industry and the casting director/agent/manager showcase opened doors. The supportive atmosphere allowed Jack to shine while making some great new friends.

Jack had an audition a few days after he got home and worked with one of the coaches he met at the camp on the script. His agent said he “crushed his lines” and he replied it was because of his training at camp.

Also, I can’t emphasize enough the passion Greg James has for ensuring the camp is a supportive and positive experience for the kids (and the parents.) Highly recommended.


Terrie Glover Niesche reviewed La Kids Acting Camp — 5 star

September 7, 2016 · 

LA Kids Acting Camp is beyond amazing. Zoe had so much fun that she didn't want to leave. I am so impressed with how much she has learned. It has opened so many doors for her. she is now getting callbacks and people are remembering her for other projects she didn't even auditon for! 
Greg James and the rest did an awesome job teaching these kids and the showcase at the end is more than anyone could ask for. Bringing in the real deal to watch these kids at the end, is the icing on the cake!
This was Zoe's first time attending and we already have our money put back to attend again next year. 
If your child is serious about acting, I cannot stress enough how benificial this camp is. Thank you Greg James for providing such an amazing experience for these kids!!!


Dawn Abbey reviewed La Kids Acting Camp — 5 star

July 2, 2016 · 

One of those weeks that doesn't seem real. The camp went exceedingly above our expectations. My children worked with some of the best kid acting coaches in the industry, and learned so much. This camp not only took their talents to a new level, it opened doors. The showcase allowed LA casting directors, manager, and agents to see my children in action and speak with us about representation. It also allowed us parents the chance to have open, candid two way Q&A with all of the industry guests.

My kids can't wait to go back next year. Great friendships and fun made every moment that much better. Thank you Greg for this INCREDIBLE opportunity!!! Money very well invested.


Thuy Phan-Willmott reviewed La Kids Acting Camp — 5 star

July 1, 2016 · 

Greg, you were right when you said that we will not regret in coming to the LA Kids Acting Camp in Chicago. Boris and Bela learned so much from all of the coaches. And we as a family had a great experience with meeting you, all of the talented kids and amazing acting coaches. The managers and agents were great too. Thank you for being so personable and helping us promptly with all of our questions. Definitely, doing it again next year! Thank you Greg! Boris and Bela gave you and the LA Kids Acting Camp both thumbs up!!!


Kimi Henkel reviewed La Kids Acting Camp — 5 star

July 1, 2016 · 

Does your child love to act and make new friends?

Then LA Kids Acting Camp is the perfect place for your child to grow as an actor, have a blast while doing it and make new friends!

Greg James and his team of coaches, (some of Los Angeles's finest) truly *LOVE* the kids that attend camp and want to see them excel in acting and in life. They rock the house 100%!!!! NO matter what your child's skill level is entering camp they will take it to their next level before leaving!

Without hesitation or reservation I highly recommend any parent who's looking for exceptional acting training for their child in Film/TV attend this camp!


Carol Lester Hadley reviewed La Kids Acting Camp — 5 star

June 28, 2016 · 

LA Kids Acting Camp is the absolute best camp for kids who love to entertain. Greg James is hands down totally amazing and he makes sure everyone has a wonderful learning experience. Greg's experience and reputation in the industry allow him to bring in the top coaches to work with campers and to prepare for a
Talent Showcase at the end of the week with some of LA's most prestigious agents and managers. I was also impressed with the parent meeting, where we could ask questions and learn from the agents and managers. This was Carter's 1st time at camp and it was way more than we could have imagined. Greg has a real passion and love for helping kids be the best and believe in themselves. Carter loved every minute of camp and made so many new friends! Can't wait to go back next year!


I didn't know what I didn't know and through the camps and workshops., I learned how to help my daughter be her best and she has gotten so much better as well.  In Ohio, we are limited on acting coaches & resources so when Greg brings in the best of the best to train your kids, there is no direction but up.  Even the polish & professionalism my daughter has in her headshot & resume is remarkable from the tips I received as a parent at a workshop.  At the Camp, the information was priceless!  Learning about child labor laws, SAG (union) requirements, and so much more has been such useful information to help guide my daughter's dreams.  And she has made connections with Coaches she will continue to train with in the future.  Just in 6 months with 2 workshops and the camp, she has upped her game enough to get a Nickelodeon & Disney audition and scored the Lead role in our local community theater's summer project.  I've been so impressed and gained such insight to this business so that I can help my daughter.  And all the while, there is such care and encouragement given to each and every one of the kids.  This is a tough business for a grown up. Through the camp, the kids are also learning at a very young age how to navigate the disappointments and not take things personal with parts & auditions.  My daughter will be a part of these programs as long as they are available.



Alisha Manley (mother of Jade Capri)

Hi Greg!

The LA Kids Acting Camp far exceeded any expectations that Audrey or I had! We have been to several acting camps in NYC, and this one was by far the best!!! The teachers were all amazing with the kids and the casting directors, agents and managers were so helpful and informative for me as a parent. Audrey not only had a ton of fun, but also walked away with a ton of knowledge, guidance and even more excitement to continue working on her craft. Audrey probably wouldn't have ever been given an opportunity to learn from these top people in the business or get the chance to showcase her skills for them, without Greg James/The Casting Workshops providing this camp!! We are so grateful and cannot wait to return to camp next year!!! Thank you so much Greg for an unbelievable week!

Krista Stoneberg 

All I can say is WOW....Nathaniel had such a great time and learned so much. He has been at this a long time, so for him to say he learned something, that is saying something GREAT about the teachers that were brought in.

Thanks again for everything

Carrie Woolsey

Jackson went on and on about how this was the best workshop, camp, and acting training that he has ever experienced. He of course has asked to come back next year. I think camp ran great! The CD's were so nice and welcoming, that he felt right at home. He did research who they were prior to camp so that he could be as prepared as possible. 

The Q & A's were so invaluable to me as a parent. We were overwhelmed and thrilled that he got called back, so overwhelmed I hope we made a good impression on everyone we spoke to. We both felt like a deer in headlights. The fact that he did get called back reassures me to keep plugging along as a parent in this crazy business! Thank you again for all your hard work! 

Jackson (we) have been in the business since he was 4 and this was truthfully a rewarding experience for both of us. The fact that you got these heavy hits together is fantastic and you could tell that they all really enjoy working with the kids to better themselves. All in all it was a very positive and uplifting time that we will not forget!

LA is a whole new animal for us and I am trying to figure out how to proceed! Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't want to bother any of the managers or Agencies, but want them to know we are interested. 


Hi Greg,


The camp was AMAZING!! 

It truly made a HUGE difference with Donny's dreams and ambitions, and he is more determined than ever to follow his dreams!! No disappointments here at all, we were TRULY happy and know how much you did for all of the kids... we cannot thank you enough, and hope and pray you have camp again next year...

Donny is already talking about going!! He has been playing online video games all afternoon with Angelo and Caden, and has been asking if they plan on going next year...now, friendships being made is an awesome added perk!!

Please feel free to use us for your testimonial, we will be MORE than happy to let everyone know how truly AWESOME your camp is!! 

God bless you Greg for all of your hard work!!

And a sincere heart felt THANKS from us!! 

Debbie Sadler


I can't imagine the sweat, blood and tears, OK, maybe not tears :), but HOURS and resources ....that you invested into this camp.  Thank you, doesn't seem adequate, but it is all I can offer!!

Iain hit a plateau.  This camp helped him push past that.  I am grateful for that.  

As a single mom of two boys, I am very conservative and practical regarding the way I spend money.  I homeschool the boys and work, so time and resources are specifically spent.  This was worth the time and money. Thank you for making this opportunity affordable and  for providing the opportunity with people who may open doors for Iain.  I have been muddling through this world of acting with him, and still I am not doing it perfectly, but at least had confirmation that Iain is making progress.  Acting is what he loves and what makes him tick.  I enjoyed listening to Jamie Snow.  Her story was inspiring, gave me the assurance Iain is on the right path.  

You have a great heart.  Iain and I are blessed to have crossed your path at Regina's last year.  Nothing is by chance.  

Thank You agin, Greg!!

Enjoy some time off.  I hope you decide to continue with this camp.  If so, we plan to be there.


Diana Tucker





When Greg James saw him at a Krisha Bullock workshop in Ohio, he recruited Quincy to camp.  Quincy came all the way from Indianapolis to New Orleans to be a part of our camp. One of our managers expressed interest in him and after living in L.A only 5 months, he had booked "KC Undercover" on Disney Channel and a few guest spots on "The Goldbergs".  We just recently found out he booked a 2 year deal on a series with major stars and shoots April, 2016! Congrats to Quincy!!