Paul Weber C.S.A, is one of Hollywood's most respected Casting Directors. He is based in Los Angeles and presently an INDEPENDENT Casting Director and Producer. Paul is the former "In House" Casting Director for MGM worldwide television and the MGM feature casting consultant for 16 years.

For series television, Weber most notably cast the wildly popular STARGATE franchise. Other TV credits include SPARTACUS:GODS OF THE ARENA, SHE SPIES, POLTERGEIST, DEAD LIKE ME, and THE OUTER LIMITS. These series and others have garnered numerous honors including 21 Primetime Emmy Award nominations. For the big screen, Weber has advised on numerous MGM features including the blockbuster JAMES BOND franchise,FAME, ZOOKEEPER with Kevin James, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, RED DAWN with Chris Hemsworth, Joss Whedon’s CABIN IN THE WOODS , and THE MACHINE starring Vin Diesel.

Home entertainment credits include LEGALLY BLONDES, PICTURE THIS with Ashley Tisdale, INTO THE BLUE 2, WARGAMES, the SPECIES franchise, as well as the CUTTING EDGE franchise for ABC Family. He has many projects in development and preproduction including casting a kids movie, "SOCCER CHIMP", set to shoot this summer, 2015, in OHIO. Also, a heartwarming family film about a family with an autistic child and dolphins, called "UNCONDITIONAL" scheduled for later this year. THE UNEXPECTED (period/thriller feature set in the Alaska circa 1850. Paul Giamatti attached) BEULAH ( Dakota Fanning attached) THE STUPIDEST ANGEL (comedy-fantasy feature about a group of misfits who save their town from their dead friends and relatives who've been mistakenly resurrected by Heaven's stupidest angel) (co producer/casting)League of Monster Slayers (fantasy feature about two orphaned children & their nanny who live in a castle and fight the forces of evil) LAYING WITH THE ENEMY (feature about a baseball story set in WWII prisoner of war camp Director: Jim Sheridan) Starfish Scream (coming-of-age feature; John Coppola directing)  (Co-Producer/casting) Television: A DAUGHTER'S NIGHTMARE  (mistaken identity thriller movie for the Lifetime Network)  SEED (1/2 hr comedy series. Sold to the CW) . Casting Consultant: SAF3 (Series) casting Consultant.


Sarah Grace Johnson

Former Kids Casting Director in Los Angeles. 

Kidcom scene coach.

Sarah Grace Johnson started her casting career with Heather Laird of Wright/Laird Casting in Kansas City, MO., where she helped cast commercials, print ads, local features, as well as Heather’s personal projects including a web series entitled NEXT!  While working for Heather, Sarah was asked to coordinate a first reading of Winter’s Bone.  Though three years had passed and she had moved to LA, she was asked to return to Missouri to manage the local casting and all of the background casting for the film.  Following that, she returned to LA where she has been working for the Disney Channel on shows such as Sonny With a Chance, Wizards of Waverly Place, So Random, Dog With a Blog, and Jessie as well as Disney XD’s Pair of Kings and Mighty Med.  She has also worked for Nickelodeon on shows such as Supah NinjasFred: The Show, and Figure It Out.  In addition, Sarah has done projects with Awesomeness TV such as Guidance (with Michelle Trachtenberg), Expelled (with Cameron Dallas)and Side Effects.  She worked with Kids Casting Director, Sheryl Levine and worked with Sarah on Disney Channel’s "Bizardvaark" and casted for Awesomeness TV and Dreamworks TV channels on the web. 





Greg has been working consistently in the Film Industry for over 25 years. He is a Top Los Angeles based photographer and Indie filmmaker as well as the Director of The Casting Workshops, which he has been traveling the world with the top Youth Casting Directors for almost 6 years now. Greg has been based in Los Angeles and has paid his dues there for over 20 years working in many facets of the entertainment industry. At age 17, Greg attended Heidelberg University and was a Theater Major. 2 years later, he was discovered by top Hollywood manager, Betty McCormick-Aggas with Midwest Talent. He then started modeling around the USA and then around the world in cities such as Milan, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Toronto, with top agencies such as FORD, and appearing in magazines such as GQ, Teen/Seventeen, Jostens, Kohls, Sears, JC Pennys, Target and many more.

After seeing the world through modeling with top agencies for 8 years, he pursued his dream of acting. He studied at the world renowned Stella Adler Conservatory with Stella herself and took classes at UCLA. He appeared in TV shows including Baywatch, Bold and the Beautiful, Disney's Weird Al special, GSN's Extreme Dodgeball, to name a well as many commercials and over 15 TV game shows. He was also the lead actor in a feature film,"Inner Shadow", starring opposite Leigh Allen Baker of the hit Disney TV show, "Good Luck Charlie". He had a supporting role in an indie film along side Alison Eastwood in "Don't Tell". As a celebrity photographer he has worked with and photographed some of the biggest stars today, including a 2 day shoot with superstar, Jennifer Lopez (photographer for her groundbreaking album), Actor and singer Brandy, Andrea Bowen (of "Desperate Housewives"), Moon Bloodgood ("Terminator Salvation" and "Eight Below"), Katie Lee Joel (wife of Billy and celebrity foodie). 80's superstar singer, "Taylor Dayne". Child actors include Addison Reicke of "The Thundermans", Upcoming superstars, Dusan and "lETHAL WEAPON'S"" Dante Brown (discovered both boys in Chicago), Addison Timlin of "Derailed", Sean Cunningham of Disney’s "Secretariat"and Sydney Rouviere of "The Change Up" as well as many others. As a filmmaker he has made over 12 short films and produced/directed 3 indie features that have appeared and have honors in film festivals including the 2014 LA Comedy Festival, The Vancouver Comedy festival and the LA Shorts festival. Greg is a 2 time national Dodgeball champion and was the co-creator of the script titled, "DODGEBALL the movie", which grossed over 300 million dollars worldwide. Indie film producer credits include "Movie Money", "Me and Grandma". Greg works closely with top talent/modeling agencies and managers across the country in the entertainment industry.

For the past 20 years, he has shot thousands of actors/models and has helped hundreds of young talent get connected to reputable representation. 

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John D’Aquino——--

Born in Brooklyn, NY; John was the second oldest in a traditional Italian-American family. Hard work, discipline and Sunday pasta were the traditions of the day. After his forty-year old father suffered a serious heart attack, the family followed doctor’s advice and moved to the warmer climate of South Florida.

New York’s concrete landscape changed overnight into the sandy beaches and warm tropical waters of Fort Lauderdale. The only thing John still longed for were people who shared and understood his dream of becoming actor. It would take some time, but they would eventually appear in the form of his college mentor, Richard Fallon at Florida State University and then later, Burt Reynolds and his dear friends, Charles Nelson Reilly and Dom Deluise. Their belief in him gave him all the confidence he needed to head to California and to pursue his dreams.

After a few years of struggling, trying to get someone to believe in him, John was discovered while bartending by Sam Weisbord, the President of the William Morris Agency. A few weeks later, John was signed as a client and sent on auditions. A few months later, John had the good fortune of being hired as one of the leads of an ABC/Disney series called Wildside. That began a long and steady career on television. Six television series and multiple recurring and guest star appearances later, John now works with young people around the country in helping them reach for the goals they dare to imagine.

Teaching Philosophy

Inspired by his teacher, the late-great Charles Nelson Reilly, John strives to deliver Charles’ philosophy to new generations of young actors. In essence, by first acknowledging and then celebrating the strengths and weaknesses within all of us, Charles taught actors to first understand who they are before trying to become someone else. Where we are great, where we are fragile; he made us understand the importance of all our emotional make-up and how it could infuse real life energy into all our characters.

Although great actors make it seem simple, delivering dynamic performances requires the courage to reach within oneself to find those parts of us that are the character. Our parents and society have us practice social graces, but within the four walls of a character is no place to be polite. The character must know who they are and what they want, then risk everything in order to get it!