Small Classes and divided by age. 


This is an EDUCATIONAL INTENSIVE DAY CAMP where Top Casting and Coaching Professionals from LOS ANGELES are flying to COLUMBUS, OHIO to TEACH and WORK with your kids, ages 6-19, for a total of 5 days from June 20-24 in secure classrooms in the short north area. 

 It's a DAY CAMP, which means you will drop them off and then pick them up the same day!  During the kids time at camp, our Los Angeles based teachers will work with the young actors on 2 different and specific scenes they have been assigned to them. Classes are divided up by age and there will be 8 kids in each class and 4 total classes. :) 

Their will be 2 scenes assigned to each child in advance. One will be FILM and TV, and KID COMEDY (DISNEY-NICKELODEON) scene. The teachers will be teaching/training and preparing the kids how to perfect their scenes.  These scenes are what the kids will be working on during the camp with our teaching pros. Then they will show off what they learned and were taught on the final day at the actual SHOWCASE in front of the big YOUTH AGENTS/MANAGERS from L.A on Sunday. 

The showcase will be live in front of the top Los Angeles Kids Agents/Managers that are flying in to see their scenes. The showcase will not only be LIVE in front of the agents, but also they will be FILMED and have their scenes on a TV screen in the parents viewing room during the showcase!

Yes, the parents will have a chance to watch the showcase LIVE for an extra $50 additional charge, which covers parent party, food, AV personnel, emailed copy of the scene and expenses.  We want your kids to get more auditions and believe there is only one way they can learn and that is from being educated by the best of the best in Los Angeles, period. Again, the kids will perform and also learn the difference between a FILM audition as well as a NICKELODEON-DISNEY type audition with the professionals who have worked on major films and actual Nickelodeon/Disney shows. This is very important as most actors don't know the difference and how the energy and pacing differs.  The young actors will then perform a showcase on the final day with TOP LOS ANGELES KIDS AGENTS/Managers attending!  This camp all takes place downtown COLUMBUS  so everyone can have a family vacation at the same time like going to ....ZOOMBEZI BAY, The COLUMBUS ZOO, COSI and many more attractions!!


*All TEACHERS have been based in Los Angeles as working professionals and all but one of them for over 20 years!*

  • 1. Paul Weber, Csa - is a top independent Casting Director & Producer who is the former Head of MGM Casting for 16 years and has taught all over the world. 

  • 2. PENDING: Mary Kate McGeehan- HUGE L.A. "On-Set" Acting Coach. "MK" is VERY well known in the Disney/Nickelodeon circle having coached for almost 7 years on "Suite Life with Zach and Cody".  She also worked on "The Thundermans" and currently the hit TV show, "Mike and Molly"! 

  • 3. Sarah Johnson- Amazing Credits as a former Kids Casting Director. 

  • 4. John D'Aquino- This guy is as big as it gets for kids teachers in L.A. Former actor who has been in many Kids shows. We are lucky to have him. 

  • 5. Greg James - Top L.A.  photographer who has also modeled all over the world, appearing in over 100 commercials and Film and TV projects as well.  He has photographed celebrities such as a 2 day shoot with Jennifer Lopez and has helped thousands of actors and models get their start for more than 25 years. He is currently gearing up to shoot two international indie films. 


This camp is designed for those young actors who are serious about working in film/TV. There are NO requirements to be a part of this camp because it is considered a TRAINING GROUND for ALL young actors no matter what experience you have. It is designed to build life long confidence in a child by working with the best of the best. Also, there is that nice bonus of being seen by Major Los Angeles youth agents/managers, but please remember that is a BONUS we add for those who may be ready to work with L.A peeps. 

Note: There are NO guarantees in securing an agent by just attending the camp. This is designed for an educational experience. The showcase is just to serve as a bonus to gain experience performing in front of top L.A agents and managers. But we will tell you over HALF of our kids last year got interest from L.A. agents or managers!! Truly amazing for those kids. 


All young actors will be paired up through being cast by their teachers and assigned a scene partner. If you are coming with a paid up camp friend and want to be scene partners....LET US KNOW ASAP and if you have your own TV/DRAMA scene or you need assigned a scene!  They will be working on 2 different bodies of work. They will work on a 2 minute FILM scene with top L.A Casting Director, Paul Weber, CSA . Secondly, they will work on a 1 minute TV Kid Comedy or "KIDCOM" scene with Mary Kate McGeehan that will be showcased with a designated reader.

      How it all works:

  1. After you have payed your $650 deposit and filled out the registration form, Parents will then first submit to us via email,  a 20-30 second personality video of their child.  They should slate their name and age. This personality video will be passed along to our teachers so they can prepare a scene based on knowing your child through this video.  Remember, the video you send us should be an impromptu personality reel, but filmed with the same quality and style the way you would  a "Taped Audition", so take the quality seriously and let the kids just be themselves.  This personality video will also be part of camp class with and Greg James.  
  2. After the teachers receive the video you send us, your child will then be paired up with another actor for a 2 minute scene picked by Paul Weber, Csa for your FILM scene. You will also be getting your Disney/Nickelodeon scene from us that Mary Kate McGeehan will be working with you on the scenes.   Our Los Angeles staff will cast your FILM and KID SITCOM scenes for camp accordingly. 


Tuesday, June 19th. MEET and GREET at 7pm to 8:30pm. Location TBA. 

Wednesday June 20th. First day of camp. Starting time: 9am. Finished at 3:30pm. 1/2 hour lunch break is scheduled from 12-12:30. Lunch is NOT included. 

Thursday June 21st. 2nd day of camp. Same start and finish time as above. 

Friday, June 22, 3rd day of camp. Same times as above. 

Saturday, June 23rd. 4th day of camp. Start at 9am and it will go all afternoon and into the night with guest lecturers and agent panel. 

Sunday, June 24th.  Showcase starts at 11am. Finished by 1pm.  End of camp. 




         NOT INCLUDED:  We know these days many kids have special eating diets/requirements and allergies. We will give you 30 minutes to eat with your child from 12pm to 12:30pm. Many places close by or if you away from the campsite, don't worry.....we will have chaperones there and they can just eat at camp if you pack a lunch for them.  We have a REFRIGERATOR there!!             

         * Surprise Guests* 

          You never know who these will be, but we promise you it will be a NICE surprise!!

         * Parent workshop with TOP AGENTS - MANAGERS and Special guest parents* 

         dates coming soon on this workshop for parents.